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Mitsubishi Electric to Exhibit at EcoPro 2019Hands-on exhibitions will showcase technologies for addressing environmental problems


TOKYO, November 20, 2019 - Mitsubishi Electric Corporation announced today that its group companies will exhibit at EcoPro 2019, a general environmental exhibition to be held at the Tokyo Big Sight exhibition complex in Tokyo from December 5 to 7 under the theme of "Protect the air, land and water with our hearts and technologies to sustain a better future for all." Mitsubishi Electric will present its vision of the global environment in 2050 through hands-on exhibitions of state-of-the-art technologies and businesses that address pressing environmental problems.

Rendition of Mitsubishi Electric booth

Rendition of Mitsubishi Electric booth

  1. Highlights will include:
    • Mitsubishi Electric's vision of the global environment in 2050 and environmental businesses:
      • Severe global-scale environmental problems and related awareness
      • Businesses that help to solve environmental problems through, for example, global environment monitoring, environmental impact reduction and disaster prevention
    • New lifestyles in harmony with nature
    • Experiential attractions and participatory stage events
      • Simulation of carrying electricity via power transmission line to help people understand the mechanism while having fun
      • Stage events by students, from elementary to high school, to present their accomplishments in environmental learning and research

Zones and Main Exhibits (selected examples)

  1. Entrance
    • Simulation of global environment in 2050 using terrestrial globe display
    • Models of "IBUKI-2" (GOSAT-2) greenhouse gas observation satellite, "Himawari-8/9" meteorological satellites and "DAICHI-2"(ALOS-2) land observation satellite
  2. Air zone
    • Virtual experience of carrying electricity through a power line
    • Vacuum cleaning system that instantly confirms areas cleaned
  3. Land zone
    • Tsunami high-frequency ocean-surface radar technology to quickly detect tsunamis and accurately determine their scale

    • Recycling method using water's specific gravity to separate plastics from home appliances
    • Products made with recycled insulation (glass wool) from refrigerators
  4. Water zone
    • Ozonizer that cleans water with electricity


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