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Mitsubishi Electric to Expand Lineup of Ku-band GaN-HEMTsNew models will support multi-carrier communications, increased data transmission capacity and downsizing of satellite-communication earth stations


TOKYO, December 12, 2019 - Mitsubishi Electric Corporation (TOKYO: 6503) announced today that its lineup of gallium-nitride high-electron-mobility transistors (GaN-HEMTs) for satellite-communication (SATCOM) earth stations will be expanded with the addition of new Ku-band (12-18GHz) 70W and 100W GaN-HEMTs suitable for multi-carrier applications. The 70W-model GaN-HEMT achieves low third-order intermodulation distortion (IMD3)* with a wide offset frequency** of up to 400MHz, which is believed to be the industry's highest level, while the 100W-model GaN HEMT combines unmatched power output with low IMD3 and an offset frequency of up to 200MHz. Mitsubishi Electric will begin shipping samples of both models on January 15.

  1. *Measure of an amplifier's distortion performance in the case of two-tone signals
  2. **Frequency difference between two-tone signals, used in IMD3 measurements

GaN HEMTs for Ku-band SATCOM earth stations
Left: MGFK50G3745A (100W) Right: MGFK48G3745A (70W)

The demands for Ku-band satellite communications and satellite news-gathering (SNG) are rapidly growing to support communications during natural disasters and in rural areas where the installation of cable network equipment is difficult. In addition, increasingly large-capacity, high-speed communications have expanded needs for both multi-carrier and single-carrier satellite communications. Mitsubishi Electric's new GaN HEMTs are expected to accelerate the realization of smaller earth stations as well as faster and larger-capacity communications for various needs.

Sales Schedule

Product Application Model Overview Shipment
Frequency Saturated
earth stations
MGFK48G3745A 13.75-14.5GHz 48.3dBm
Up to 400MHz Jan. 15, 2020
MGFK50G3745A 50.0dBm
Up to 200MHz

Product Features

  1. 1)Industry-leading wide offset frequency up to 400MHz for large-capacity satellite communication
    • The MGFK48G3745A model uses a new matching circuit to deliver an industry-leading wide offset frequency, which is 80 times higher than that of current models, and low IMD3 with a wide offset frequency of up to 400MHz, for large-capacity, high-speed satellite communications, including for multiple carriers.
  2. 2)Unrivaled output power up to 100W will contribute to downsizing of SATCOM earth stations
    • The MGFK50G3745A model uses optimized transistor matching circuits to deliver 100W peak output power and low IMD3 to help downsize SATCOM earth stations by reducing on-board components.


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