MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC Changes for the Better

CC-Link IE TSN is an Industry 4.0 focused open industrial Ethernet that offers a market leading combination of gigabit bandwidth and Time Sensitive Networking (TSN). The data driven approach of Industry 4.0 is driving key developments in every industrial sector. By leveraging the power of machine and process data, manufacturers can gain actionable insights to improve their businesses as a whole, e.g. boosting productivity, throughput, product quality and uptime. But how to get this data? In practice, it means increasing process transparency. This is being done by adding vast numbers of smart, connected devices that generate, share and analyse relevant data. However, the devices need to be connected to an equally intelligent, open and efficient network in order to get the data to edge servers and beyond for it to be turned into the desired information. This requirement is the guiding principle behind the creation of CC-Link IE TSN, which builds on the existing CC-Link IE open gigabit industrial Ethernet network technology, and expands it with the additional functionality of Time Sensitive Networking (TSN).

Thanks to the innovative and powerful CC-Link IE TSN solution, all Mitsubishi Electric devices, from servo drives to PLCs and from robots to inverters, can be operated on a single network. With this bandwidth, large data volumes can be used in real time for motion control and artificial intelligence applications and analytics. In parallel, other TCP/IP communication is possible, e.g. video streaming. Hence customers are well positioned for the "Smart Factory".